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SEO Agency Tips:
How to rank your business on Google in 2019?


If you want to generate more leads and customers for your business, the best way to achieve such a goal is to work with a search engine optimization agency. That being said, you do need to follow the ranking requirements and figure out the best way to rank naturally. A good SEO agency like Bovsi Studios, based out of Saint Petersburg Florida, can help you with that. Here are some of the ways to rank your business online this year. This isn’t a “rank fast guide” or a “cheat sheet for ranking on google”, this is how you and your brand will climb the search ladder and once ranked, secure that spot for a long time.


Focus on the user experience

seo agency focuses on user experience and sitemap planning


You don’t want to have a complicated website. A website that’s suitable for all users regardless of their device and which is easy to use is what everyone wants. Google uses RankBrain, a machine learning system, that helps them sort results. RankBrain studies how much time people spend on a page and the amount of people that click on the results. So your content has to be good to keep people on your site too, if it’s keyword stuffed people will go away. And your rank will fall in time.


Structured Data Markup

structured data markup in search engine optimization


The structured data markup is key here and your focus has to be on making your site easy to crawl. Make sure that your website has structured data markup, as Google focuses on that and it always pushes towards a very comprehensive and distinct approach when it comes to ranking.


Create longer, fact-checked and informative content



We know that content is king, and every SEO agency will back this up. The idea here is that your content has to be interesting, easy to read and also in-depth. You want to make sure that you add facts and links to the stuff you share. This increases your brand authority too, it shows that you researched the topic and it will make it easy for you to bring people back. Don’t write articles just for the sake of it, instead make sure that they actually help as that will come in handy quite a bit.


Research SEO To Become An Authority



That means you have to research a lot. You can’t become an authority on the topic unless you really master it already. And that’s why you always need to work hard and create the best possible content you can. Don’t rush, take as much as you need to create content that helps others and which is super comprehensive and informative.


Understand the major technical SEO trends of 2019


Technical SEO is crucial here, and there are some trends that are happening this year. Website speed has always been important, but in 2019 it’s crucial for ranking and it can push you up or down in rankings on its own.


The Javascript Benefit


JavaScript-driven websites seem to have a great boost this year, according to our SEO Agency, so you might want to focus on using this technology for your website. Most WYSIWYG editors already utilize Javascript to perform the site actions you build so easily. Then you also have the progressive web apps that help people experience any website on their phone as well as online, most of the time with a seamless transition. This is really the forward-thinking approach to UI / UX for us. Distributed web apps will be the future and offer keystone experiences in a uniform way across devices or browsers.


Key on-page optimizations to focus on


The first thing you want to do is that you have some sort of internal site search and that it works great. Only functional and reliable internal search will help you here. If you have an e-commerce website, make sure that you do have some sort of notification to help people come back when items are back in stock. Your content also needs to answer common questions too. If you can, you may want to add chatbots too, because they will help reply FAQs without having someone focus solely on that.


Fast Conversion Runway


While there, you also want to make the conversion process. Removing some steps will bring in more people that want to learn about and purchase a product without wasting time browsing a ton of steps. As an SEO Agency, we know page speed, speed to checkout, and ease of checkout are the three biggest drivers of conversions. Even adjusting something as simple as your “Cart” page to have a smaller header so the ”check out” button is above the fold can have an insane impact on your brand's conversions.


Voice Search Optimization Is Very Important



From 2019 onward we will continue to see lots of voice-search growth. It’s a lot easier for people to speak to their phone instead of typing. However, this means you need to work with an SEO agency, such as ours in Saint Petersburg Florida, to figure out the type of keywords you can use here.

Unlike regular searches that can seem a bit robotic from a grammar standpoint, voice search is more natural, so instead of searching for an “SEO agency Tampa Bay Florida”, you will want to search for “SEO Agency near me Tampa Bay, Florida” or anything similar. And then there’s also the fact that you will encounter different dialects in the same country, so in some cases, you need to go with regional optimization.


Target A Cluster of Keywords


You still need to focus on the long tail keywords, as these are comprehensive and what people need in the first place. However, instead of just targeting a keyword, you will have to target a cluster of keywords. This will cater to the needs of more people. And it might end up keeping them more on your site, which is what you want. Studying the competition also helps, as you might be able to find some great keywords that you’re not using.


Update Current Content


Google always encourages website owners to create content regularly. And they are ranking high sites that update their content. That’s why you should consolidate or improve on your content all the time. In many cases, your content can end up being updated. So you do want to update your old content the best way that you can. It will make the entire ranking process better for you. Plus, you show people that you actually care about your content’s state and you take the time to keep it up to date.


Internal Linking


Internal links are great for SEO and they also show that you are very organized and you handle everything with the right attention to detail. It’s extremely important to link back to the categories, subcategories and main page as well. For instance, there is a link to another blog post at the top of this post and this link goes to our seo services page within our own website, meaning it is an internal link.


Responsive Website Design


If you didn’t already shift to responsive website design, do that. It will make it a lot easier to rank for mobile and desktop too. Plus, it allows customers to get a much better experience on any device they are using. The right search engine optimization agency will help you with that, all you have to do is to find the right approach and that will surely come in handy quite a bit.


Optimize Images


Compressing images is important because PNG and other high-quality image files will end up slowing down your site. Every SEO agency Saint Petersburg Florida will tell you that you need to compress images in order to improve your load times. And you should also add keywords in the ALT tag text, because it helps people find these images a lot easier online. It helps with ranking quite a bit. Now, Google is starting to request


Add FAQs


FAQs are offering a great way to keep people on your website. And instead of having them call you again and again, they will solve many customer problems or answer their questions fast and easy. It’s a system that works flawlessly more often than not, and you just have to find a way to adapt it to your own requirements, then it will be just fine in the end. Even setting up Video FAQ’s is becoming a trend, with Video FAQ Services, you can convey information quickly in a format more comfortable to the user.


Use Video Content


As we have written before in other articles, the reason why video keeps people on your site is that it’s appealing and easier to consume when compared to your other types of content. Ideally, you want to be consistent with video creation. But you shouldn’t store videos on your site, use YouTube and other sites like that, they embed the video here. Storing videos on a server will end up increasing site loading times and you can’t afford that at all.


Start Creating Infographics


Infographics and visual content, in general, are great because people want to avoid spending a lot of time reading. Sure, some like to read lots of content, but others just want to skim through. And images make this easier. Plus, you get to be more concise and you can even add a sense of character to your content too, which is rarely possible in the case of other types of content out there.


Publish Unique Data


It will take a while to research stuff on your own and create a unique piece, but this is what a lot of people will link to. That’s why every SEO agency Tampa Bay Florida will tell you to write content unique data, because it works really well and it always generates backlinks.


If you are too busy to focus on SEO,
Hire an SEO Agency


If you find it hard to implement all these ideas, working with a search engine optimization agency will help a lot. SEO Agencies like Bovsi Studios do this day in and day out with many streamlined processes for ranking brands very fast. Besides working with pro’s, these tips are very helpful and they will make generating leads and customers a lot easier for you so whether you do it yourself or hire an agency, SEO is a must to generate more business in 2019. You can even schedule a free 45 minute SEO review with one of our customer success planners.


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Final Summary


Granted, it’s a challenging topic but it does have the potential to pay off very well in the long run. While hard work and consistency are key here, you also need to showcase the true value of your business. As you optimize your website, make sure that you always avoid copying others. Retain the unique approach towards creating content and the results will be extraordinary! Make sure you check out our other beneficial articles, such as our Top 10 tips for entrepreneurs or Top 5 tips for marketing your small business.

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