Marketing Your Business in 2020: Is your Integrated Marketing Plan Ready
SEO Agency Tips: How to rank your business on Google in 2020?
December 1, 2019
2020 Marketing Strategy
2020 Business Marketing Strategy Session
December 8, 2019

Marketing Your Business In 2020


Marketing your business in 2020 should be a goal but with the everchanging digital landscape, most people are asking themselves "how to market your business in 2020". Bovsi Studios has some amazing specials on top of our already amazing 2020 Marketing Strategy Session offer, which is our 3-hour intense deep dive dissecting your brand and setting up an actionable roadmap to reach your growth goals. Below are specials on eevrything from Search Engine Optimization, Content Curation, Guest Post and Press Releases, as well as Sales Funnel development.


Brand Awareness Campaign & Citation Blast

Brand Awareness Campaign

- Your business needs to be visible to attract new customers. With our brand awareness and citation campaign, we get your business listed in thousands of directories and mentions of your brand in content

Regular Price:
$750 - $1500

December Price:
$350 - $750

Sales Funnel Creation! 2 Funnel Landing Pages For The Price Of One

- Sales funnels can help you generate high conversion, high reward landing pages to sell products, generate leads, or pull people into your sales process. For the month of May, you can get two funnels built for your business for less than the price of one.

Regular Price:

December Price:

Monthly Sales Funnel Management and Optimization

- We will maintain your sales funnel, driving traffic from end-users, boosting conversions, and getting your landing page ranked in google search.

Regular Price:
$300 / mo

December Price:
$100 / mo

Website Speed Optimization & Google Pagespeed Score Increase

WordPress Site Speed-up and Optimization

- Your Google Insights Pagespeed ranking and scores can tell you a lot about the impact your site infrastructure can have on the way Google sees your website. We can speed it up by optimizing your website, serving site assets over a CDN, and minifying HTML, CSS, Javascript to get the site rendering faster for both Google and users.

Regular Price:
$250 / per mo

December Price:
$175 / mo

DA 50+ UR 50+ Backlinks

- Guest post can be great for getting new people exposed to your brand when they are guest post on proper sites. We get you featured articles on prominent blogs within your space or niche.

Regular Price:
$300 - 500 / ea

December Price:
$100 - 150 / ea

Search Engine Optimization & Ranking

SEO Audit & One Time Optimization

- SEO, or search engine optimization, is critical in your marketing strategy. 86% of any business done through search goes to the first 5 listings on the results page. Ranking high means more visibility, more customers, and a higher likelihood to be visible and draw in prospective new customers. We can get you ranked on both search and maps quickly. We also audit your entire brand to see where things are as we start working together, generate monthly reports detailing our progress and standings, and set milestone goals with you to make sure we are hitting your expectations.

Regular Price:

December Price:

(New Customer Special)

SEO / Search Engine Optimization Ongoing Service

- Ongoing search engine optimization services can get your brand up to the top of results and also keep you there. We work with you to get you ranked within a deadline-based off of keywords, monitor your brand 24/7 for ranking changes and if needed, change on and off-page content to better rank your company for the things customers are searching for.

Regular Price:
$1500 - $1900 / mo

December Price:
$750 - $1,200 / mo

Blog Content Writing & SEO Writing

2 SEO Optimized Articles

- We will write two SEO optimized blog post, above 1500-2000 words, with pictures and good readability for social media. We will tailor the information of the post to boost viral potential on social media sharing This is perfect for brands getting started with marketing or brands unfamiliar with blog traffic and what it can do for your brand.

Regular Price:

December Price:

Ongoing Content Creation Package

- Every month, we will write two SEO optimized blog post, above 1500-2000 words, with pictures and good readability for social media. We will tailor the information of the post to boost viral potential on social media sharing, we will also share this post out to over 40 syndication services to make sure the internet knows you have posted new content! In addition, we will help you create a social media ad to this content at no additional cost to boost viewership!

Regular Price:
$300 / mo

December Price:
$150 - $200 / mo

Total Test Drive (First Time Offering)

You guys asked, we listened!

We have had a ton of companies both big and small ask us about doing a special 3 month to 6 months probationary "get to know each other" phase to test our services out. This is perfect for brands with existing agencies that are considering switching or a new brand that has yet to jump to professional marketing services that wants to test the waters!

Total Test Drive!

- This is by far our best deal. We want to encourage you to get the most value out of us getting to know each other.
  • You will get a new sales funnel set up that is SEO optimized and fully automated.
  • 2 advertising campaigns to drive new customers to your business.
  • Your website content will get an update with two SEO optimized blog posts (above 1500-2000 words) with pictures and good readability for social media.
  • We will tailor the information of the posts to boost viral potential on social media sharing and we will get you listed in thousands of business directories which will help boost your search engine visibility and brand authority online.

    One of the fastest services we can see results from for your business. We even offer a discounted SEO audit and one-time optimization with this service!

    Regular Price:

    December Price:

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